Young Thug says he's a Prince


We all know Young Thug is certainly in a world of his own. This week Young Thug stopped by Sway in the Morning for a brief interview. Everyone else is caught up on him taking shots at Plies and The Game. But what caught my attention from his interview was the way Sway introduced him into the show. Sway said Young Thug is “a person who disrupts the status quo of things”. And I have to agree. Young Thug is shaking up the hip-hop and rap culture. Everything from his sound, visuals and even fashion sense is creating a new movement in the music industry. What had me bugging was when they asked how Young Thug how he would describe his style, this man responded by saying, “impeccable, self-centered…simple minded people don’t understand”. LOL. Thug says he has six female stylists that help him dress like the prince he is. I’m definitely here for thugger’s music but his prince wearing style needs to stay at the door especially for the sake of hip-hop. 












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