“Views From The 6” IS COMING!


So Drake, the King of titillation, has finally given us a release date for “Views From The 6”.  Andddd of course the way he did it was anything but subtle and still everything but direct. LOL!

Get this. He revealed a massive billboard in Toronto, in the middle of the city, which simply read “Views.” This is probably just the first of what will be many more advertising & marketing stunts that he will drop on us as we move closer to that highly anticipated April release date. 

We've already noticed a trend of artist becoming more and more creative with the releases of new music now. Kanye with the listening concert, Rihanna with the surprise release on Tidal, Future, J. Cole, Adele and the list goes on now. All of the competition to be the most innovative starting from when Beyonce dropped her surprise video album over night last year. Im not sure where these artists are going with this, but all I know with all the hype, the music better deliver. Since all this started, I haven't been as impressed with the product as much as they made me anticipate it.

We know Drake is definitely a great on the creative side- so it will be interesting to see how he sets the bar with Views. While we await though, if you haven't heard  Drake's new single, "Summer Sixteen", you can catch it in our link. http://dbr.ee/37AO


It definitely by the tone lets you know that Drake and his OVO camp plans to take the summer - & with no prisoners. I mean on OVO Sound Radio he even proceeded to play it 6 times in a row, in honor of his upcoming album Views from the 6.  Summer Sixteen shows Drake at his most savage, taking shots at JayZ, Kanye West, and Meek Mill.


With an April release date we anticipate the album to dominate the airwaves all the way through "Summer Sixteen."  Check out the first single, "Summer Sixteen," as he gives us a taste of his upcoming album Views from the 6.

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