If you haven't peeped what CK has been up to with it’s #myCalvins campaign, it's a fine time to get hip. Because this recent push is showing their strength in brand evolution. If you wonder why a lot of big brands, like FUBU, Karl Kani, Rocawear, Phat Farm etc... have came and died, Well hears the notes they should have taken. 

Calvin Klein is staying alive by staying provocative and youthful. They enlisted a diverse all star cast ranging from actors, musicians, activists and models to street cast unknowns, all juxtaposed together creating crazyyy dope photo visuals images and video campaigns.  So let's see. So far, They've already gotten Kendrick Lamar; Fetty Wap, Joey Badass & British model Adwoa Aboah… just to name a few!

I was really loving the way they showcase this generations perfect mix of famous faces. More so because each of them are so diverse from the other. I know for me it makes the brand feel more "street" again and less uppity. Like how it felt in the 90s. 

The campaign is like documentary style, but it focuses on a mix of clothing from the Spring 2016 lines of all the Calvin Klein brands - The Clothing, Jeans and Underwear. I mean you have to understand, Calvin Klein is a 48-year-old brand! These jeans you're buying these are your moms same jeans. LOL!  How may things in your closet can you say might be around when your kids grow up. As I mentioned before, a lot of other brands weren't innovative enough to make it.

To make it through the 70s, 80s, 90s and STILL stay relevant into 2016! That takes a lot. Overall from a brand perspective, their campaign is genius. I applaud them! 

I'm usually a Levi girl, but I might just go grab a pair just so I can go ask myself... What do you do in your Calvins?

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