7 Trends of The 90’s that are Trends of Today

It has been said before that "history repeats itself." In many ways and on many platforms this is true. No matter how much our world advances in knowledge, our history unconsciously finds a way back into our politics, our sciences, music, education and even in more visual ways. More specifically today’s latest fashion trends. In fact, when taking the time to re-examine the essence of today’s style. It seems that today’s style inspiration has transcended from yesterday’s 1990’s style boards, massively. It is true that our greatest style influencer's are just repeating looks from yesterdays "It girls." I like to call it the "Style Cycle". In honor of the 90's, here are 7 trends of today that were influenced by 90’s It Girls. You can also shop these looks at Closet Freekz. 


Moesha in "Mesh." 


Ashley Banks in “Mom Jeans”

Hillary Banks in a pearl “Choker.”


Denise Huxtable in “Super Funky Sunglasses”


Darlene in an over-sized “Flannel.”


Lena in a hip “crop top.”

Carrie Bradshaw in “Velvet.”

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