Executing the Tomboy Style, Flawlessly


This is for the jagged girl with an irregular sense of style. The girl who takes pride in the aesthetic of comfort, mobility and fit. She doesn’t shy away from sporting menswear pieces, in fact she most likely prefers them. This style guide is for the Tomboy. The style terminology “Tomboy” first made its way onto the fashion scene in the early nineties. Female Superstars sporting over-sized clothing and pairing them with feminine pieces was a way of life. The Tomboy look was exercised by many artist but nobody executed the look quite like the late superstar, Aaliyah.

Aaliyah’s nontraditional style influenced many women to own their peculiarity in fashion. Even today, women still sport the Aaliyah “Tomboy” look.  So how exactly do you transform a look that is traditionally associated with boys into something that is undeniably additionally for women? The key would be to master the art of mixing and matching masculine and feminine items of clothing. Pairing midriffs with baggy pants. Or accessorizing masculine outfits with statement pieces of jewelry. Making sure all pieces are coherent is also important. If your outfit works and you add just hint of femininity, you will be fine!  Much as rocking this sort of look with the same confidence as Aaliyah did, is the ultimate style tip. Basically, don’t be afraid to go for it!  



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